Brew York - Grainsley Harriott. 11.6%

Brew York - Grainsley Harriott. 11.6%


11.6% ABV Rye Wine. 440ml can.


Barley Wines and Wheat Wines are familiar styles and this Rye Wine is the first of two beers born from a competition between our brewers.


A peppery and bold Rye Wine with a soothing warmth. Make sure to check out the Rye Whiskey barrel aged version coming in 2021.


Rye, like wheat, is higher in protein than barley so it helps to give beer a smooth, chewy, filling mouthfeel. Rye also has a unique flavour, one that some describe as spicy, tangy, or rustic. It seems to pair well with spicy hops and phenolic yeast strains.