Brew York - Haze Of Thunder. 4.6%

Brew York - Haze Of Thunder. 4.6%


4.6% Modern Pale Ale. 5-litre mini cask


A smooth and juicy modern hazy pale ale with delightful fruit character. Serve chilled to ensure a nice Cole(d) trickle. :)


Please note: This product is in mini cask format, which unlike a mini keg product and should be allow to naturally settle and carbonate before opening.


As it is a cask beer, it will naturally have less carbonation than you expect from keg beers. Cask beer is a live product and mini casks will typically have a BBE date of less than 1 month.


To ensure you drink and enjoy the freshest and best tasting beer, once opened we recommend consuming within 48 hours.

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