Cloudwater - Pilsner. 4.6%

Cloudwater - Pilsner. 4.6%


4.6% ABV Pilsner. 440ml can

Tufts Of Twine In Upper Moutere


When the last of the hops are harvested, the cables that held the weight of many hop bines are left punctuated by tufts of twine.


Pilsner is a style that provides space to showcase hop varietals that are subtle in character, and is a perfect choice for punctuating more assertive beers, with its bright, light, refreshing qualities.


Aroma & Flavour: Herbal notes, a squeeze of fresh lemon and ripe red apple, underpinned by a cracker malt base
Body: Light and clean, with a crisp, dry finish
Aftertaste: Crushed black pepper and herbal notes, fresh white bread, light pithy bitterness

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