Firestorm Gin: 70cl and 5cl bottles.

Firestorm Gin: 70cl and 5cl bottles.


40.4% ABV. Citrus and spice, with ice and a slice - Firestorm Gin is a treat for the senses.

Available in 70cl and 5cl bottles.

Firestorm Gin is made from 10 very carefully selected botanicals. These are precisely combined into perfect proportions before our Ginmaster expertly infuses them for the optimum length of time – not too long, not too short. The spirit is then re-distilled for a perfectly clear and flavoursome gin.

Firestorm Gin’s unique flavour leaves you with a subtle afterglow that captures the true spirit of ancient Northumbria

An excellent drink to go with your favourite mixer, or enjoy on its own – careful though, you may need more than just a little ice!