Wild Beer Co - Fruitbooter

Wild Beer Co - Fruitbooter


5.7% ABV


Fruitbooter starts its life as a pink peppercorn Saison, Wild Beer Co then add a careful selection of barrels from their oak library to intensify and enhance the tart flavours. After its initial fermentation, they add about a ton of fresh Somerset raspberries to ferment on top of the Saison and infuse the beer with the berries to create the sweet, acidic and mouthwatering aspect Fruitbooter is known for.


Fruitbooter ferments using WBC's house yeast cultures to heighten and bring together the acidity of the beer. This, alongside the natural bacteria and yeasts of the fruit gives the beer its sour and Wild nature.


This is the perfect summer drink; it’s sparkling, refreshing, sour and fruity with a slight kick.