Hooting Owl - Spiced Blood Orange Gin

Hooting Owl - Spiced Blood Orange Gin


42% ABV VIE - Spirited Gin. 70cl bottle


Expertly handcrafted to combine Hooting Owl Distillery botanical gin with the citrus of blood orange and a selection of warming spices.


This flavourful VIE gin brings together sweet orange citrus and carefully balanced spices to deliver a unique flavour, aroma and a distinctive natural colour. A citrus hit with a warm, satisfying aftertaste.


Serve over ice, alone, or with a premium tonic of your choice. Consider a sprig of rosemary to garnish.


A full strength (42% abv) distilled gin made using only natural, real fruit flavours and colourings, this gin is sugar-free so you only receive the very best spiced blood orange taste.