Jack Ratt - Lugger Rum. 40%

Jack Ratt - Lugger Rum. 40%


40% ABV Spiced rum. 70cl bottle and 5cl bottle


Unlike most commercial spiced rums, our Lugger Rum is not defined by an overpowering vanilla characteristic. Instead, our aim was to create a rum that offers a full profile of spices. As a result, we’ve aged Caribbean rum in bourbon-charred oak barrels right here in Devon before spicing it with nutmeg, orange-peel and cloves, as well as vanilla.


The name ‘Lugger Rum’ originates from the name given to the fishing boats that notorious local smuggler Jack Rattenbury used to smuggle contraband into Lyme Bay in the 18th Century. Fast, agile and often painted black, under the cover of darkness these Luggers were almost impossible to catch.

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