A spiced Flemish amber beer that has a very unusual glass. Pauwel Kwak is a Belgian beer brewed by Bosteels in Buggenhout. Kwak is an amber beer, which is relatively strong at 8.4% ABV. It gets its name from an 18th century innkeeper and brewer.


Kwak is a warming beer with hints of liquorice and a slightly spicy character of coriander and hops. There is a subtle aroma of banana, pineapple and mango. It’s best served between 5-6 degrees celsius.


Not only is the Kwak beer delicious, but its glass makes an interesting talking point too! It looks like a mini-yard of ale and due to having a rounded bottom, comes with a wooden stand. Apparently Pauwel Kwak designed the glass during the 19th century for coachmen who wanted a drink but couldn’t leave their coach, although it wasn’t launched until the 1980s.


Kwak has won various beer awards, which comes as no surprise! At the Brussels Beer Challenge 2018, it was awarded a certificate of excellence for the category of Pale and Amber Ale. We sell Kwak beers, Kwak beer glass and Kwak gift packs so why not treat yourself or a friend.