Magic Rock - You're on Mute. 8%

Magic Rock - You're on Mute. 8%


8% ABV Double IPA. 440ml can


We see you, chattering away while your co-workers/friends/co-zoom quizzers are screaming at the screen "You're on mute!" – then the scrabble for the un-mute button; that red-faced, post-error blush that creeps up your cheeks; the repeating of what you've just said, trying to make it as eloquent as the first time you've said it.


Celebrate the little mishaps with this tropically juicy, rounded and fruity number, (that just so happens to be gluten-free) and next time, just remember to un-mute, eh?​


Flavour Profile: Mango, Stone Fruit, Pine, Citrus

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