Northern Monk - 27.02 Patrons: Boombox. 7.2%

Northern Monk - 27.02 Patrons: Boombox. 7.2%


7.2% ABV DDH IPA. 440ml can.



x North Brew Co.


For the second IPA in our series with the British Culture Archive, we teamed up with our neighbours at North Brew Co for a long overdue catch up and collaboration.


This time around we selected freshly harvested 2020 Bullion as our UK hop. Sometimes known as the original Guinness hop, it’s an underrated variety that’s seen a new lease of life as brewers and drinkers seek out bigger flavours.


The flavour profile is a blend of dark fruits and orange zest, which is why we felt Mosaic, with it's blend of soft blueberry and ripe tropical flavours, would make for the perfect partner.


The base beer is oat-heavy for the classic, silky NE profile. We utilised Mosaic Incognito in the whirlpool for a juicy base layer, fermented with our house IPA yeast for complimentary esters of citrus peel and peach, and then dry hopped with a 50:50 ratio of Mosaic to Bullion to let the UK hop really stand out alongside its US companion.

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