Northern Monk - Montage. 6.5%

Northern Monk - Montage. 6.5%


6.5% ABV Single hop DDH IPA. 440ml can.


Patrons Project 25.03 LAURA SLATER // MONTAGE

For the third beer in our series with Laura Slater, continuing the single hop theme, we selected to work with Mosaic. This hop is still relatively new to the hop repertoire, but at the speed things move in brewing, it already feels like one of the old guards.


Mosaic is a real all-rounder of a hop, and one which tends to show more variation season-to-season than most. This hop can lead to a real love-hate relationship for the brewer! On a bad day it can smell like pickled onion crisps, but when it’s on form (as its name suggests) it delivers an array of depth and flavour which make it a prime choice for the single hop treatment. 


We hand-selected this year’s Mosaic with Yakima Chief back in September, where we focused on finding plenty of resinous tropical fruit character whilst keeping a balanced level of dank pine underneath, and we’re happy with how this is translating through to the beer.


Backed up with plenty of flaked oats and fermented with a fruity English strain, the result is a soft, rounded IPA with distinct ripe mango, bubblegum and stone fruit flavours.

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