Northern Monk - OFS 010. 7.1%

Northern Monk - OFS 010. 7.1%

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7.1% ABV Caribbean Cocktail Sour. 440ml can.


For the tenth release in the OFS Projects series, we're bringing you a beer inspired by a summer cocktail. Picture the scene: you're at your favourite holiday beach bar, the sun is shining, you can hear the waves hitting the shore. In front of you is a refreshing, fruity cocktail. OFS010 is our nod to that experience.

This thick, fruity sour has been brewed with white grape, pink guava, passion fruit and coconut. We used spirulina to give a silky sweetness to the flavour, and add a slight green tinge to the appearance of the beer. To build up that coconut flavour, we dry hopped with Sabro, and let the beer condition on flaked coconut for 3 weeks.



The folks at Northern Monk have launched a brand-new beer series, a series dedicated to the exploratory, small-batch nature of brewing at their original Old Flax Store brewery site where it all began in 2014.


The OFS Special series will push the boundaries of their brewing, allowing them to be completely experimental in approach.

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