Northern Monk - OFS 038. 5.4%

Northern Monk - OFS 038. 5.4%


5.4% ABV California Common West Coast. 440ml can.


In visiting California, we visit a style synonymous with San Francisco, and the Anchor Steam brewery – steam beer aka California Common.


Brewed with lager yeast but fermented at ale temperatures which delivers a distinct ester profile, our interpretation features a portion of Munich malt in the grist alongside some crystal malt to give a rich, biscuity malt profile and a caramel sweetness on the back end.


For the hops, we stuck with Centennial, a west coast OG which delivers herbal lemon balm character and a pithy citrus finish.



The folks at Northern Monk have launched a brand-new beer series, a series dedicated to the exploratory, small-batch nature of brewing at their original Old Flax Store brewery site where it all began in 2014.


The OFS Special series will push the boundaries of their brewing, allowing them to be completely experimental in approach.