Northern Monk - OFS 042. 4.3%

Northern Monk - OFS 042. 4.3%


4.3% ABV Michelada - with Sabro, Tomato Juice, Black Pepper, Lime, Ancho Chilli and Celery Salt. 440ml can.


The Michelada is based on a bloody mary cocktail but made with lager as the base and is a staple morning cure or lazy beach day drink.


The base rice lager is smooth and soft with added celery salt for the salinity you get from the crusted rim of the glass and hopped with Sabro for tropical hints of coconut and lime, the latter of which we enhanced with fresh zest.


We then added 150kg of Tomato juice plus plenty of ancho chillies and black pepper for that awakening kick that you quite likely need when you’re on the hunt for a Michelada. 




The folks at Northern Monk have launched a brand-new beer series, a series dedicated to the exploratory, small-batch nature of brewing at their original Old Flax Store brewery site where it all began in 2014.


The OFS Special series will push the boundaries of their brewing, allowing them to be completely experimental in approach.