Polly's Brew - Rock Major 5.2%

Polly's Brew - Rock Major 5.2%


5.2% ABV Pale Ale. 440ml can.


In a world of soupy, pulpy juicebombs, sometimes there ain't nothing more relaxing than just a simple, clean, crisp pale ale.


Featuring Loral and Sabro, this beer bursts with the usual Polly's checklist - tropical, juicy and coconut vibes from Sabro, but much more balanced and approachable thanks to the lemon and dark fruit notes brought to the table by Loral.


Coming off a year wherein we saturated ourselves with release after release of ultra-high abv beers, we decided to go back to square one and create something a little more on the sessionable side of things; something that we can go back to again and again without having to worry about our heads the next morning.


Long live the pale ale!

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