Wylam - Lush. 4.2%

Wylam - Lush. 4.2%


4.2% ABV Luscious Pale Ale. 440ml can


Originally composed as a new core cask beer but damned and bedevilled by the curse of non-conviviality.


Desire and demand have cajoled us to produce LUSH batch No2 with a solitary change... This time we package into can not cask.


Fresh, delicate and deliciously drinkable with a restraint yet sated dry hop using CITRA and IDAHO 7. Zesty, zingy and squeaky clean with adroit veneers of grapefruit, amalfi lemon and nectarine flesh. 

Our final offering of the year comes under the beguiling guise of Robin Goodfellow himself...

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